What is UFE?

Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE) is a showcase of people celebrating extraordinary accomplishments and proving that #imnoteveryone. Preparing for a UFE competition is a journey that will test your mental grit and your physical limits, but the exhilaration that our competitors feel on stage when they have succeeded in overcoming their physical and mental barriers is why we do what we do.

We are a family that celebrates each other’s journeys and we are dedicated to being the best platform in which to do it. People from all walks of life and with a variety of goals are welcome to participate, from those who use the goal of a competition to motivate them to achieve the best body they can to those who want to seek a challenge at the very highest level of competition.

“UFE makes you feel like family
and a valued competitor.”

-Annette D’Allessandro

What Sets UFE Apart


  • We provide a platform for natural competitors
  • We provide more opportunities for our competitors to have their accomplishments recognized by sponsorships, magazine features and advancement in our tier system
  • We provide the highest level of competition for those who wish to test themselves against “the best of the best”
  • We focus on the event experience, celebrating each and every competitors’ journey and making everyone feel like part of a family

“UFE is about more than winning a competition; it’s about setting goals, celebrating everyone’s accomplishments and having a story to tell.”

- Sean Everingham, UFE President
ufeshows2015What is UFE?