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Ultimate Fitness Events is an organization for the enjoyment and competitive endeavours of healthy, natural people of all ages. To ensure we keep our events free from harmful performance enhancing drugs, we are dedicated to a program of drug testing.

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Though UFE promotes drug-free competition, we do not adhere to the complete list of banned substances as outlined by WADA. This means that any nutritional supplement you can get on the shelves of a reputable retailer will not cause a failed drug test. We also do not test for recreational drugs, nor do we test for ephedrine. We are strictly testing for pharmaceutical grade substances which can cause extraordinary results beyond what can be achieved naturally. This includes steroids, masking agents, prescription diuretics, growth hormone and related drugs. When these drugs are used in competition, it often leads to extremely costly drug regimes and, in many cases, health consequences. We want to give competitors who want to avoid these issues an outlet to compete and test the limits of their physique naturally!

Those who take medications that contain testosterone or other banned substances may be allowed to compete if they can prove that these medications are only being taken on the advice of a medical professional due to an existing condition that affects quality of life.

In these special circumstances, a competitor will be required to provide documentation from their doctor, on letterhead, outlining the condition being treated, a complete list of all medications being used and the dosages prescribed for each medication. This will be forwarded to the Director of Sports Testing at the testing lab and any flagged results will be compared against the documentation received.

Ultimate Fitness Events will employ urinalysis as the method of drug testing used. Urine testing is recognized as the best practical way to screen for drug use. We contract the services of a laboratory in the U.S. that uses GC/MS testing, the “gold standard” in urinalysis testing, which can detect even trace amounts of steroids and their metabolites. At any given event, tests will be conducted on the winners OR a random selection of competitors OR competitors who were “flagged” by judges for drug testing to ensure that the best cross section of competitors has been tested throughout the year.

All results will be posted when lab results are received. Competitors who fail their first drug test will be disqualified from the competition at which they tested positive, but may return to competition once they are “clean.” These competitors, however, will remain on a “flagged list” and will be tested at each competition they participate in. Should they test positive at any time, they will be permanently banned from competition with Ultimate Fitness Events. In addition, should a competitor that has won a monetary prize and/or trophy test positive for banned substances, they will be expected to surrender all winnings and awards received at the competition. Failing this, UFE will employ legal measures to collect all winnings and may also take legal action for damages caused to the reputation of the organization.

Below is an illustrative example of some of the substances that competitors will be tested for at UFE events. This is not necessarily a comprehensive list and, at any given event, the range of substances tested for could increase significantly. This list is mainly to educate those who are looking to see what types of substances are not allowed in competition.

Anabolic steroid GC/MS procedure detects urinary metabolites and/or parent substances of the following drugs :

1-Androstendiol / 1-Androstendione / 1-Testosterone*
Boldenone / Boldione / Quinbolone*
Clenbuterol (anabolic agent)
Danazol / Ethisterone
4-Hydroxytestosterone / Formestane (anti-estrogen)*
Epitestosterone (>200 ng/mL) (masking agent)*
Nandrolone / 19-Norandrostenedione / 19-Norandrostendiol (Bolandiol)*
Norethandrolone / Ethylestrenol
Methandrostenolone (Methandienone)
Probenecid (masking agent)
Testosterone / Androstendione / Androstendiol / DHEA*(T/E Ratio > 6)
* Steroids producing similar metabolites in urine are detected and reported as group.
Testolactone (anti-estrogen)

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