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This category is for men with great shape, symmetry, muscularity and conditioning who also know how to display it effectively through good posing and presentation.

“Muscular,” “conditioned,” and “charismatic” are some of the words that could be used to describe the ideal Men’s Physique competitor. This category is all about the physique and how it’s presented and leaves the “model” aspect out of the judging. This category also focuses on more standard posing protocols, ensuring more uniformity in how the competitors are seen on stage. Note that extreme muscularity, striations and “dryness” fit more with the criteria of Bodybuilding and will be scored down in this category.

This category has only one round of competition performed in “board shorts” that hang just above the knee. At UFE Halloween Mayhem, participants have the option of replacing this round with a costume.


Women may participate in as many divisions in which they are eligible. For example, a woman competing at the Open level that is 45 years of age may compete in the Masters 45 division and the appropriate height class.

Novice Level

No divisions.

Open Level

By Age
Masters – for men 40 years of age and above

By Height Class
Provided there are at least 10 competitors in the category, UFE will separate men into two height classes. UFE uses a median height system in which all men below the median height are placed in one class, while men above the median height are placed into another class. This ensures each class has an equal number of competitors. The median height will change from event to event based on the heights of the competitors at a particular event.

Elite Level

Masters division for men 40 years of age and above at the UFE World Championships only.

Professional Level

Masters division for women 40 years of age and above at the UFE World Championships only. Subject to the sole discretion of UFE

Protocol & Judging

Stage Presentation

Each competitor will walk to 3 determined points on the stage, one at a time, and perform 1-2 freestyle poses of his choice at each point. The points on stage will be marked and the competitor is to go to the far side of the stage first (from where they entered), come back to the near side of the stage and then pose at center stage before forming a lineup at the back of the stage. When all competitors have completed their walk and gone to the back of the stage, they will then be called forward and asked to execute a series of quarter turns to the right so that judges will have a chance to assess the physique from all angles and in a standardized fashion.

Competitors can include a variety of different poses to showcase their physique during the 3 point walk, including flexed poses. However, any bodybuilding style poses that are included should be modified as not to appear too “hardcore.”

Example of Scoring in this category:

Competitor # Musculature (10) Conditioning (10) Symmetry (10) Confidence/
Presentation (10)
Total (40)
600 8 8 8 7 31
601 8 9 8 10 35
602 7 6 8 9 30

*scores will be sorted from high to low and highest scoring competitor will win

Musculature the competitor should have somewhat large, full muscle bellies that sweep out from the skeletal frame.

Conditioning – there should be clear separation between muscle groups (ie: well defined abs, separation between shoulders and upper arms). Vascularity is acceptable. However, judges are not looking for excessive striations or “dryness” as in bodybuilding.

Symmetry – there should be an aesthetically pleasing balance between the muscle groups

Confidence/Presentation – the competitor should exude charisma, they should exude confidence and poses should look natural. Bodybuilding poses or poses that look like the competitor is obviously flexing hard are not suitable for this category


  • Board shorts must be worn and they must not include any logos other than standard manufacturer logos (ie: Nike, Hurley, Billabong, etc.). Failure to adhere to this guideline will result in demerit points being assessed to the competitor.
  • Footwear of any kind is not permitted to be worn during the judging
  • Competitors should keep in mind that the judges are looking at them at all times. For this reason competitors should never stand totally relaxed on stage and should keep a positive attitude at all times.
  • In the event of a tie, the highest and lowest scores from the competitors in the tie will be dropped.
  • Try to always show confidence by keeping your head up and executing your turns and poses with surety. Remember in all competitions with a subjective component, confidence will affect the way judges perceive you.
  • Trainers, friends, family, etc. are not allowed backstage with the competitors. This is to prevent overcrowding in the dressing areas. Should a competitor need assistance, there will be volunteer staff to help them out.
  • Tattoos, piercings, etc. are acceptable
  • Remember to follow the 1-2 pose guideline at each point on stage. Demerit points will be given to competitors who do more than 2 poses at any given point. A pose is considered any position held for 2 seconds or more.