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Join the UFE Family! Volunteer With Us!

Would you love to be a part of helping people as they conquer their fears, overcome obstacles and celebrate their incredible fitness journeys? Then we want you! Our volunteers are the driving force behind our team on event day and are an important part of a monumental day in the lives of so many people who take part.

We have something for everyone who wants to volunteer, from getting the competitors registered for the big day, to greeting their adoring friends, family and fans to getting the competitors ready for their moment on stage and celebrating their achievement with them as they come off it.
This is one of the best ways to find out more about UFE events, support your friends or family and even earn an amazing discount to compete and begin your own exciting journey.
Whatever you do as a volunteer with UFE, you’ll be at the heart of it all, creating life changing experiences for everyone and you’ll be right there with them as they experience the incredible exhilaration that being on the stage brings – and it will be sure to rub off on you!

Volunteer Discount

  • Volunteer for a half day and receive a 20% discount to compete at a future* UFE event
  • Volunteer for a full day and receive a 40% discount to compete at a future UFE event

*Future = an event in the same year in which you volunteer or the next year
Event volunteers will be given a unique discount code to enter when registering for an event of their choice

Volunteer Perks

  • Discount to compete in a UFE event
  • Free UFE T-Shirt
  • Snack and/or meal depending on your shift
  • The feel good factor as you support competitors during their big day

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