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This category is for men with great shape, symmetry, muscularity and conditioning who also know how to display it effectively through good posing and presentation.

If your favorite era of bodybuilding is the “Golden Age” in which the likes of Frank Zane and Rich Gaspari dominated, and if your goal has always been to develop a similar physique, then this category is for you.
“Muscular,” “ripped,” and “charismatic” are some of the words that could be used to describe the ideal Men’s Classic Physique competitor. Men competing in this category will have fuller muscles and may have a higher degree of conditioning than what one would typically see in the Men’s Physique category.
This category has only one round of competition performed in square cut spandex style swim shorts.


Novice Level

No divisions.

Open Level

No divisions.

Elite Level

No divisions.

Professional Level

No divisions.

Protocol & Judging

Stage Presentation

Competitors will walk to the front of the stage as a group and will be asked to perform a series of quarter turns to the right so that judges may assess the symmetry of the competitors from all angles.

Competitors will then be asked to go through a series of five mandatory poses:

  • Front Double Biceps
  • Side Chest
  • Back Double Biceps
  • Abdominal and Thigh
  • Favorite Classic Pose of Choice

After the completion of the mandatory poses, competitors will exit the stage.

Height and Weight Guidelines



Up to and including 5’ 4”

Up to and including 155 lbs

Over 5’ 4”, up to and including 5’ 5”

Up to and including 160 lbs

Over 5’ 5”, up to and including 5’ 6”

Up to and including 165 lbs

Over 5’ 6”, up to and including 5’ 7”

Up to and including 170 lbs

Over 5’ 7”, up to and including 5’ 8”

Up to and including 177 lbs

Over 5’ 8”, up to and including 5’ 9”

Up to and including 185 lbs

Over 5’ 9”, up to and including 5’ 10”

Up to and including 192 lbs

Over 5’ 10”, up to and including 5” 11”

Up to and including 200 lbs

Over 5’ 11”, up to and including 6’ 0”

Up to and including 207 lbs

Over 6’ 0”, up to and including 6’ 1”

Up to and including 215 lbs

Over 6’ 1”, up to and including 6’ 2”

Up to and including 225 lbs

Over 6’ 2”, up to and including 6’ 3”

Up to and including 232 lbs

Over 6’ 3”, up to and including 6’ 4”

Up to and including 240 lbs

Over 6’ 4”, up to and including 6’ 5”

Up to and including 247 lbs

Example of Scoring in this category:

Competitor # Musculature (10) Conditioning (10) Symmetry (10) Confidence/
Presentation (10)
Structure (5) Total (45)
600 8 8 8 7 3.5 34.5
601 9 9 10 10 5 43
602 7 7 8 10 3 35

*scores will be sorted from high to low and highest scoring competitor will win

Musculature (22%) – the competitor should have large, full muscle bellies that sweep out from the skeletal frame.

Conditioning (22%) – there should be clear separation between muscle groups (ie: well defined abs, separation between shoulders and upper arms, separation between muscles of the quadriceps).  Vascularity is acceptable.

Symmetry (22%) – there should be an aesthetically pleasing balance between the muscle groups

Confidence/Presentation (22%) – the competitor should exude charisma and confidence and poses should look natural.  Hardcore posing (ie: strained face, tongue out, etc.) will not be scored well.

Structure (11%) – This refers to the muscular development of the body in relation to skeletal structure. For example the judges will look for wide shoulders that taper down to a small waist, upper arms that protrude out from the forearms and thighs that sweep out from the lower legs.


  • Competitors should keep in mind that the judges are looking at them at all times. For this reason competitors should never stand totally relaxed on stage and should keep a positive attitude at all times.
  • In the event of a tie, the highest and lowest scores from the competitors in the tie will be dropped.
  • Try to always show confidence by keeping your head up and executing your turns and poses with surety. Remember in all competitions with a subjective component, confidence will affect the way judges perceive you.
  • rainers, friends, family, etc. are not allowed backstage with the competitors. This is to prevent overcrowding in the dressing areas. Should a competitor need assistance, there will be volunteer staff to help them out.
  • Tattoos, piercings, etc. are acceptable
  • Board shorts or any other bottoms other than square cut spandex shorts are not acceptable and shorts must be a solid color. Demerit points will be assessed to a competitor who does not adhere to these guidelines.