Becoming a UFE member means that you are not only proud to support natural fitness and take pride in being a part of the world’s most exciting natural fitness organization; it also means you can enjoy the benefits that memberships provides which can really add up!

Some of the benefits include:

When you purchase a UFE membership for $80, you are becoming a part of the world’s #1 natural fitness organization. Your membership will be valid for a full 12 months from the time you purchase it, allowing you to enter any UFE show during that time. Plus, the savings you could accumulate over a year by taking advantage of all of the benefits, could add up to hundreds of dollars. And, we’re continually on the hunt for MORE ways for your membership to give you more.

*NOTE:  You do NOT need a physical membership card to register for any of our events. Once you purchase your membership through PayPal, you can immediately register for any UFE event and take advantage of the other benefits of your membership.

So, what are you waiting for?

Show your support for natural fitness; show your UFE pride; enjoy the benefits that being a UFE member provides!