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This category is a chance for men and women to showcase their positive fitness journey and have their stories told. Transformations can include weight loss, muscle gain or any dramatic shift in body composition.

This category has 1 round of competition and is judged on the physical transformation and the brief story of each competitor.


There will be both men’s and women’s divisions for competitors of all ages.

*Men and women will be combined if there are less than 3 men and/or 3 women.

Protocol & Judging

Stage Presentation

Competitors will enter the stage in their choice of attire as follows:

For men: A choice of shorts or square cut trunks for bottoms and a t-shirt, tank top or no shirt.

For women: A choice of shorts or capri style leggings for bottoms and a t-shirt or sports bra. Competitors may also wear a bikini.

Men and women may wear footwear of choice.

Each competitor will walk to 3 determined points on the stage, one at a time, and perform 1-2 freestyle poses of his or her choice at each point. The points on stage will be marked and the competitor is to go to the far side of the stage first (from where they entered), come back to the near side of the stage and then pose at center stage before forming a lineup at the back of the stage. When all competitors have completed their walk and gone to the back of the stage, they will then be called forward so the judges may have a look at all competitors as a group.

*though competitors have many choices for attire and footwear based on comfort level, it should be kept in mind that the more of the physique the judges can see, the more noticeable the transformation will likely be.

Scoring for Transformation

Physical Transformation (40%)
Competitors will be asked to submit their “before” photos. One or more of these photos will be featured on stage so judges may compare the before photos with the competitor on stage.

*These photos must be submitted no later than 3 days before the competition to THIS LINK.

Inner Transformation (40%)
Competitors will have up to 100 words to succinctly give their personal transformation story – Some of the questions you can consider when writing your story are: what inspired you to make a change? what obstacles did you overcome? how do you feel since changing your body? how will you inspire others?

*This summary must be submitted no later than 3 days before the competition to THIS LINK.

Presentation (20%)
Presentation is broadly considered and considers the stage presentation, confidence and poise, marketability (would this competitor inspire others to make positive changes) and attractiveness (tan, makeup, attire).

Example of Scoring in this Round:

Competitor # Physical Transformantion (20) Inner Transformation (20)   Presentation (10)    Total (50)
700 16 18 8 46
701 15 17 7 39
702 18 20 9 47

*scores will be sorted from high to low and highest scoring competitor will win


  • Competitors should avoid wearing jewelry that distracts from their physique (ie: large necklaces, sparkling charms on necklaces or bracelets, etc.)
  • Competitors should keep in mind that the judges are looking at them at all times. For this reason competitors should never stand totally relaxed on stage and should keep a positive attitude at all times.
  • In the event of a tie, the highest and lowest scores from the competitors in the tie will be dropped.
  • Having a base tan and using a product such as Protan is a good idea. Competitors should try to match the color of their face to their body with make-up, rather than competition tanning products.
  • The use of moisturizers with shimmer, Body Butter, etc. is fine if a competitor would like to have a bit of sheen to their skin, however, posing oils of any kind are not suitable for this category.
  • Try to always show confidence by keeping your head up and executing your poses with surety. Remember in all subjective sports, poise and confidence will affect the way judges perceive you.
  • Trainers, make-up artists, friends are not allowed backstage with the competitors. This is to prevent overcrowding in the dressing areas. Should a competitor need assistance, there will be volunteer staff to help them out.
  • Tattoos, piercings, etc. are acceptable.
  • Remember to follow the 1-2 pose guideline at each point on stage. Demerit points will be given to competitors who do more than 2 poses at any given point. A pose is considered any position held for 2 seconds or more.