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How Verity Smee Set Her Goals..And Crushed Them!

by UFEHQ on January 4, 2017

As we look towards 2017 and setting goals for the New Year, Verity Smee shares her story of setting goals and, not just overcoming obstacles, but smashing right through them on her way to reaching the goals she had set in 2016.

Verity had decided in January that she wanted to do a fitness competition and be on stage at the UFE World Championships, so she turned around to her coach, Dan Osman, and told him, “You better make me amazing so I can be in Toronto this year!” At first, Verity was not totally convinced her goal was achievable, but by keeping it in mind, she powered through a routine that included 4am cardio due to the demands of her job as an assistant spa manager. Her fitness journey was also made more challenging due to her diagnosis of two chronic illnesses that require medication and weekly treatment at the hospital, but by keeping her goal in sight even with the challenges, she was able to dig deeper and push herself harder when required. The incremental results she saw along the way were what she needed to keep her fire and determination going.

Not only did Verity compete at the UFE European Championships and qualify for Toronto in the Glamour category, she earned her PRO card in the process.

The moral of the story? Verity says it goes back to her favorite motivational quote, “A dream doesn’t become a reality by magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work and a lot of tears along the way too.”

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UFEHQHow Verity Smee Set Her Goals..And Crushed Them!