Unsolicited Submissions Policy

Welcome to UFE’s website: UFEshows.com.

UFE, a division of Everingham Fitness & Entertainment Inc. (“UFE”), together with its affiliates and employees, has a policy that it does not accept or even consider unsolicited ideas or suggestions of any nature from outside the company. Such ideas or suggestions may include ideas for new or improved categories, new event formats, new product names, new advertising, marketing, or promotional campaigns, technological advancements, or website suggestions. Please do not submit any unsolicited ideas, suggestions, original artwork, or other works (collectively, “submissions”) in any form to UFE or any of its affiliates or employees.

Despite our request that you not submit unsolicited ideas—and regardless of any conflicting claim in your submission, email, letter, or other communication—if you do submit any unsolicited ideas or suggestions to UFE, UFE may use your submissions for any purpose whatsoever, without compensation to you. In addition, UFE will be under no obligation concerning the submissions, contractual or otherwise, and will consider your submissions non-confidential and non-proprietary.

Having said all that, UFE does value your opinion and welcomes your feedback, and invites you to connect with our staff and other members of the UFEnation to talk about events, training, and other assorted badassery via and of our Facebook pages or event groups.

To receive a copy of this Unsolicited Submissions Policy, email us at info@ufeshows.com.

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