Being a part of the #UFEnation is all about taking on the obstacles in your life and the enormous sense of accomplishment that you feel when you overcome them.


by UFEHQ on May 14, 2019

Submitted By Timothy Rigby, M.A., NSCA-CPT


Have you got on board the flourishing #2019myyear movement with Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE) yet? It’s not too late to register! Be sure to check us out at to browse pertinent information regarding the best natural fitness association in the world, including registration, competitions, workshops, transformation challenges and our ever-dynamic blog section featuring expert training programs, motivating news and athlete profiles.

Men and women of all levels, from Novice to Open to Elite to Pro, can compete in Bodybuilding, Physique, Classic Physique, Figure, Fitness Model, Bikini and Glamour categories supported by the most athlete-friendly fitness community there is. You say you’re in fairly decent shape but you’re still on the fence about competing and need another reason? How about 26 reasons? Let’s go!


An athlete is something you become when you ramp up your training and lifestyle to evolve into an athletic persona. Rather just a weekend warrior gym rat who likes to work out as a hobby, you’re using organized, structured training programs for the purpose of competition. Once you register for a UFE event, you’ve automatically established a goal; along your path to the stage, you truly blossom from gym enthusiast to athlete.


Unlike other fitness competition entities that place full emphasis on a person from their neck down, UFE holds a special place for aesthetics and photogenicity. In fact, looking glamorous and attractive through the use of makeup artists, hairstyling and props is encouraged in many categories. There’s more to looking sharp than having a sexy, athletic body – being your most beautiful you is what UFE’s all about too.

As discussed in an earlier blog installment, camaraderie is at the forefront of the UFE athlete community. Events are in effect meeting places for fellow competitors who instead of being hard-and-fast rivals, become friends and colleagues sharing advice and contacts pertaining to training, nutrition and lifestyle. Have doubts? Go check out any UFE competition and see for yourself. The support you’ll receive significantly bolsters all your fitness efforts.


The big “D” is something that sets apart the men from the boys and the women from the girls. Making sacrifices is a challenging element of your competition journey, but UFE arms you with all the tools and resources to make it as painless as possible. Many athletes discover they have more discipline than they realized. And the discipline you develop is truly a transferable skill that will also yield reliable results in your work and family lives also.

The heart and soul of UFE is undeniably the events. Dazzling, thrilling displays of human performance are set amid lively, pulse-pounding backgrounds, producing an unforgettable experience for athletes and audiences alike. As UFE continues to expand worldwide, such as in India and Europe, more and more events are being scheduled. It all culminates with the World Championships, this November 9th in Toronto at the Glenn Gould Studio inside the CBC Building.


Love fun? You’ll love UFE. Athletes who compete, no matter where they place, repeatedly acclaim how incredibly fun their experience is, all the way from the start of their journey to the date of competition – and well beyond. UFE caters to you by providing the most-fun fitness platform available. Coaches, trainers, competitors and makeup artists all bring to the table a unique and thoroughly fun experience, all for you.


Setting a goal is the first step in launching your fitness journey and gives great legitimacy to it. A life without goals is an unambitious life. UFE makes it easy for you to set challenging but realistic goals, which if you hit them, will reward you with an incredible sense of accomplishment and esteem. A goal is the bullseye and you’re there at the line, axe in hand, all set to throw with everything you’ve got. Exhilarating, isn’t it?


It could be said that of all the reasons to join and compete in UFE listed here, your health is the most important. Many people, in fact, commit to competition for the specific purpose of improving their health. It’s not rocket science: working out with weights, performing cardio exercise, maintaining sound nutrition and improving your lifestyle all have significant impacts on increasing the level of your health, so you can lead a better life.


UFE is all about you – because you’re not everyone (#imnoteveryone). Our athletes come from more diverse backgrounds and personal stories than you can imagine. We never shut the door on anyone regardless of gender, age, race, body shape, lifestyle or location. Furthermore, competition is a chance for the best of you yourself to come shining through. Although you’ll be part of a great community of athletes, you’ll be sure to build up and define those special characteristics that are unique to you.


Jubilation is joy and joy is competition day. It’s the thrills and adrenaline rush you get when your name is called and you get to showcase all your hard work on stage. Jubilation is an Elite or Pro level athlete winning or finishing in the top 3 for the first time, or the Novice or Open competitor who suddenly realizes, “I did it!” no matter where they finish. Few things in life can equal the joy you’ll experience having succeeded in a fitness journey.


You’ve heard the saying “what goes around, comes around”. This is karma. The benefits of fitness competition have been shown time and again to extend well beyond the date of an event. You put in the hard work (that’s what goes around) and you’ll get improvements to your mood, your work, your family life, your overall positive attitude on life (that’s what comes around). Competition is truly an investment in yourself that pays great dividends.


If you’re someone who looks at your lifestyle and is sure you can improve it, competing in fitness is an excellent step. UFE events inherently give structure and a higher purpose to your lifestyle such that you’ll see yourself going to bed earlier, getting up earlier, eating clean, exercising daily and so on. You’ll walk a little taller and simply put, be very pleased with yourself. Stop struggling with the question of how to improve your lifestyle. The answer is fitness.


Many well-meaning people never get out of the gate in their fitness journey because they lack the motivation to begin. Think of yourself as a well-tuned car, just ready to roar, but you’re all out of gas. Motivation is the fuel that gets your engine running, and it comes from pointing all your efforts toward a fitness competition. Knowing what you’re working toward, each and every set you perform, will keep you motivated and your training strong.


Literally thousands of UFE athletes have testified that competition has unleashed a brand new person within them. And not just a different person – a better one. A more positive, energetic, smarter, influential, happier and successful person, not just on the day of competition, but for the rest of their life. If you’re certain your life can use a boost, and you’d love to possess all these great characteristics, register with UFE and see for yourself.


This is where fitness competition gets really exciting. In addition to the fun and challenge of training and prepping, there are numerous doors that get opened for you after a competition is over. Many UFE athletes have used competition as a springboard to modelling careers and sometimes lucrative contracts with agencies looking for a new face and body to represent them. Guest appearances, trade shows, free merchandise and travel are just a few of the opportunities you’ll get when you compete with UFE.


On top of all the aforementioned opportunities you’ll discover, UFE also offers an expansive spectrum of prizes for competitors. This means top placings will take home medals and hardware in the form of spectacular trophies, and also cash prizes for those at the Pro level… yes, cash. Competitors also receive t-shirts, goodie bags from supplement companies, exposure to photographers and talent scouts. Your entry fee pays for itself and more!


Fitness semantics dictate that a “journey” pertains to the events that take place while an athlete is preparing for competition (or making a transformation). But it’s really more of a quest than a journey. You’ve established a goal and have then embarked on a mission of discovery and personal fulfillment in order to achieve that goal. By conquering all obstacles along the way, your quest culminates in your achieving a great personal victory.


Training for competition is by nature an automatic improvement to your fitness and health, and therefore the minute you begin prepping for competition you’re igniting awesome results. The yardstick is simple: the more you put into it, the greater your results will be. But rather than simply working out casually, the formality of competition ensures you’ll have had to achieve some spectacular results in order to walk on stage. Big results will put one seriously big smile on your face.


Getting into the best shape of your life is not always easy. Many people don’t have a support system around them as they embark on their fitness journey. What we’ve created with UFE is a comprehensive support system. From the incredible fellow athletes you’ll meet at the show who share many of the same stories as you to the online groups we’ve established to even this blog where you can find motivating, inspiring and educational content – there are so many ways we help to support your dreams. For those that don’t know for contest prep, we even have an all new app where you can get the exact training and nutrition programs our top PRO athletes used to get into the best shape of their lives or personalized coaching! Check out the details by clicking HERE.

Before and After
Many of the athletes that have competed with UFE have accomplished incredible transformations on their way to the stage. This inspired us to create the UFE 90 Day Challenge as a first step in getting on to the UFE stage. This Challenge is not about who has the biggest muscles or who is the most shredded. Rather it rewards Challengers on the transformations they are able to make in 90 days. For more information check out


The first word in the Ultimate Fitness Events name is there for a reason. Signifying a peak, pinnacle, height and apex, the ‘U’ in UFE means that you’re going to compete at your highest level. Spectators will in fact enjoy beholding athletes on stage who are very likely in the best shape of their life. And instead of rigid, formal competitions organized by other associations, UFE events provide the ultimate in entertainment and fun. Number one for a reason: that’s UFE.


Energy and good vibes are at the forefront of vitality, and that’s exactly what you’ll develop along the path to competition (and well afterward, too). Vitality also literally means the continuation of a meaningful and purposeful existence. But in many cases, athletes don’t just continue a pre-existing vitality; they in fact discover it through competition. Many experienced athletes swear that the result of having more vitality is getting more out of their lives.

Thinking of competing in a UFE show? Already registered and nervous about what to expect? We never leave you hanging. We offer free workshops for competitors and prospective competitors who want to see what we’re all about. We’ll give you all the knowledge you need to succeed on stage, PLUS we have UFE PRO’s at every workshop to help you nail down your posing and presentation for the stage! Look for a workshop in your area by clicking HERE!


Xero-what?! Yes, the letter ‘X’ is a challenge, but in the spirit of UFE competition, we’ve overcome this obstacle. Xerophilous means having adapted to a condition where water is scarce. And that’s exactly how you’ll look when you banish the bloat in training and hit the stage all cut and dry. In addition to the aesthetic value, shedding excess water can be healthy since it’s dense and leads to extra pounds (even more so than fat).


You only get one life. You have the capacity for improvement. You are interested in competition by reading the blog section on this website. You are not alone. You are in complete control. You have a unique story to write. You belong in UFE. And YOU can do it.


Is there anything better than a good restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep? This is what you’ll experience as a side effect of training and good nutrition for competition. Further still, the peace of mind you’ll get from sound sleep will slay your anxieties and soothe your mood throughout your busy day. Athletes of all levels report significant improvements to the duration and quality of their sleep, and in turn receive a great positive boost to their lives.

Timothy Rigby, M.A., NCSA-CPT is a freelance writer and one of Canada’s most published fitness writers.

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