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She’ll Be Back!

by UFEHQ on September 13, 2017

Shauna McEachern was inspired by other fitness competitors and decided to compete in this past May’s UFE Vengeance event in Calgary. It started as a motivating event in which to keep herself accountable as she worked to transform her body. Then, it became a springboard for a lifestyle of fitness. And now, upon reflection, Shauna vows to be back to improve on her 7th place finish in Calgary.

Here is her story:

From a young age, I was an athlete and this passion continued into adulthood with a love for fitness, sports and weight training. However, life happened. With a hectic career in financial services and after having two beautiful daughters 15 months apart, my workouts and overall fitness, fell by the wayside.

At size 14 and 195 lbs, I realized I had lost myself. So I did the only thing that made sense; I headed to the gym. After months of hard work, I was finally finding my passion again but decided to take things up a level. After admiring countless friends compete in bikini competitions, I decided to take on the challenge and entered my first competition. I hired Nichelle Laus of Optimum Training Centre in January to prepare me for the stage. Although it was a long journey with a few too many cheat meals, I was proud of my progress and vow that this was only the beginning of my journey. Fitness and health have become my way of life and I couldn’t be happier, whether it is in the gym or spending time with my girls and pup hiking, camping or simply strolling through Fish creek Park.

My daughters are 5 and 6 years old and told me before the competition that they thought I would win because I worked so hard. I was very proud of my accomplishment and so happy to be an inspiration to my daughters, but upon reflection, 7th place doesn’t work. I will be back!

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