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Mother-Daughter Duo Crush New Year’s Resolution and UFE Revolution

by UFEHQ on July 14, 2017

Do you remember your last new year’s resolution?

Did you follow through with it?

Jocelyn Coe was often in the boat of people who would set a bar for themselves on Jan. 1, but forget all about it by Dec. 31.

“I have always set a new year’s resolution and have never followed it through,” she said.

That changed this year, however, when she coupled her new year’s resolution with family bonding.

On May 6, dozens of natural body building competitors nervously paced backstage at the Cobourg Community Centre as they prepared the poses, received a final layer of bronzer and practised strutting in heels before stepping on stage during the Ultimate Fitness Event (UFE) Revolution show.

Among those competitors were Jocelyn and her mother Sandra who were competing in their first all-natural bodybuilding competition.

“When you get offstage, it’s an incredible feeling,” Jocelyn said, “you confronted your fear of being in front of people, you followed through on a goal and you feel very proud of yourself.

“Getting on stage and competing wasn’t why I was attracted,” she noted. “I was using the competition as a motivator to follow through with my resolution.”

Just before noon, Sandra and Jocelyn debuted on stage among a handful of competitors during the preliminary judging round where the mother-daughter duo stood side by side with the male members of their family cheering and watching from the stands.

“It’s a great family bonding experience,” Jocelyn said. “I might have talked my mom into doing UFE Revolution with me, but if it wasn’t for her constant support and encouragement, I might have talked myself out of competing.”

For Sandra, the active mother has watched her son, Bradley, compete at similar shows and considered adopting a bodybuilding workout to throw variety into her gym routine.

Then Jocelyn made a proposal.

“I was attracted to the competition because it was something different from my regular workout routine,” she said. “And the idea of competing with my daughter made it more appealing.”

The pair connected with local athletic trainer Dave Avery to prepare for the competition and Sandra expressed her hesitation about appearing on stage. She said Avery coached her through the process and with enough patience and practice, Avery reassured Sandra she would be ready.

“Being on stage for me was the part of the whole process that I wasn’t looking forward to,” she said. “I said I would keep trying and using the meal plan, but not go on stage.

“This is totally outside my comfort zone.”

With support from her training team and Jocelyn, however, Sandra was able to reframe her perspective on the competition.

“I told myself the morning of the show that this was the one day that I had been training for since the end of January,” she said. “This was the day to show off all my hard work, so enjoy it and have fun.”

In the end, Jocelyn took home a second-place finish in Figure (Novice) while Sandra took home first place in Figure (Novice), first place in Figure (Masters 45) and third in Open Figure (Short).

Now, the mother-daughter duo are preparing for their next challenge — getting their father to join the family pastime.

“I loved competing with my mom,” Jocelyn said, “and I hope my mother and father decide to sign up for the October UFE show.”

Written by Todd McEwan for Northumberland News

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UFEHQMother-Daughter Duo Crush New Year’s Resolution and UFE Revolution