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by UFEHQ on February 6, 2019

Submitted By Timothy Rigby, M.A., NSCA-CPT

Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE) is pleased to present a monthly showcase of some of the extraordinary men and women who have graced our stages at a multitude of competitions and enjoyed exceptional success. Each month we’ll leaf through the pages of our 12-year history to recount the journeys of the amazing champions in our bodybuilding, fitness model, figure, physique, bikini, and glamour classes. All of these remarkable athletes have their own unique tale to tell regarding their respective backgrounds and how they came to commit to fitness. From there, a further commitment was required to dedicate their lifestyles and training protocols to a level where they could compete. The rest, as they say, is history.

Did You Know? UFE competition attendance has grown at a rate of 10 percent each year.

While competition is certainly not all about winning and bringing home the hardware, these model athletes represent astonishing stories of commitment, perseverance and executing a plan. The results they accomplished have shown to be comprehensive with far-reaching positive effects on their family lives, careers, and emotional states. Establishing a plan, working towards a goal, obtaining results and ultimately succeeding: UFE champions are proof that there’s no greater feeling. And when you consider that these champions and legends are regular individuals like yourself, one thing is clear: there’s no reason why YOU can’t become the next UFE champion and legend too.

Kimberly's first competition - UFE Showdown 2014 - where she earned 1st place in Figure Fitness Model

Kimberly’s first competition – UFE Showdown 2014 – where she earned 1st place in Figure Fitness Model

Our first athlete profile will focus on Kimberly Fry, originally from Newfoundland and now living in Ontario. Kimberly is one of UFE’s most recognizable athletes, possessing iconic golden girl chops and lines, along with a dazzling, energetic presence which she has brought to the stage since 2014. Kimberly spoke with us about her fitness journey, culminating in becoming a UFE legend, from her home in Brooklin, Ontario.

UFE: Tell us a little about your background growing up (athletic pursuits, early inclination toward fitness, people who influenced you, etc.)?

KF: I was born in the town of Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and grew up in a family of nine. My Mom and Dad had three girls and four boys and I am in the middle. I feel I grew up first with the older siblings, and then later on had a second life with my younger siblings. All of my brothers and sisters were athletic. My brothers were involved mostly in hockey, baseball, and badminton; my sisters were involved in volleyball, boxing and weightlifting. I was always involved in some type of sport, but never became serious about any of them until I started weightlifting at the age of 49. My youngest sister, Christine, was my biggest influence with weightlifting. She joined UFE and then I followed, mostly to get in shape. However, at my first competition I came 1st in the categories of Figure and Fitness Model, and subsequently became motivated to go for my Pro status.

UFE: What was the eventual driving force behind your decision to commit to competition?

KF: My sister, Christine, became a Dual Pro after her second competition in the categories of Figure and Fitness Model. I saw that I was a “true” competitor and my scores were very close behind many of the winners. This was my motivation. I love having a goal and challenging myself to see it through.

UFE: What have you found to be the keys to your success; how would an aspiring athlete follow in your footsteps?

KF: The key to my success has been consistency and an amazing trainer. I definitely had days when I felt I didn’t have time, or didn’t feel up to working out, but I always found a way to motivate myself. I used my workouts as an outlet from the stresses of everyday life. My toned body helped me feel great in my own skin, which is motivation in itself. I also had a very supportive team who believed in me and my goals. My family/friends/coach and nutritionists Dave Avery and his wife Julie Avery were instrumental in my success. I would suggest to any aspiring athlete to gather your support team, write down your goals and put in the work… every day. It is a very rewarding lifestyle!

UFE: What are the most significant challenges you faced (or still face) and how to you go about handling them?

KF: In order to compete it is very important to have a support group. It’s very helpful if the people in your life are supportive of your goal. Often it is difficult to have a specific diet and have that be okay with the people around you. You have to change your mindset from deprivation to empowerment. It takes a ton of will power but you can expect to learn a lot about yourself.

“You have to change your mindset from deprivation to empowerment.”
— Kimberly Fry

UFE: What are the key advantages of adopting a clean diet and healthy nutrition as an adjunct to your training?

KF: Nutrition is key. And it’s also very important to stay healthy while preparing for a competition. I use many Isagenix® products including their vitamins, Ionix® blend and shakes. I have learned what works for my body type with regard to nutrition and training, and I can work from there adding in new foods and supplements along with new exercises as I go!

With regard to my exercise protocol, it is based on isolating my muscle groups daily (i.e. rotating triceps and biceps, legs, back and chest). Rotate through them and always be sure to add abdominal work into the mix along with cardio.

UFE: How do you manage to keep motivated, having been so successful already?

KF: Personal development and self-improvement are always ongoing. One of my favourite quotes is: “Success is not owned – it is rented – and the rent is due every day.”

UFE: At present, what are your future plans to compete again, if any?

KF: I will compete for one last time at the UFE World Championships competition in November, 2019. I will consider this event to be my “victory lap” or retirement. It is sad that my competition years will be over, but I feel very happy and accomplished with becoming a Dual Pro. I have learned a new lifestyle that I will always maintain, and I have met many incredible athletes from all over the world. I will always cherish my experience with UFE.

UFE: What makes UFE unique and why did you choose it as your competition platform?

KF: UFE is an all-natural organization and that exactly why I chose to compete – it’s a much healthier place to be! I appreciate the fact that we are on a level playing field and that drug testing is done at each show.

Birthplace: Grand Falls, Newfoundland
Residence: Brooklin, Ontario
Height: 5’7″
Weight (Competition): 119 pounds
Weight (Off-Season) 135 pounds
Competing Since: 2014
Significant Places: Dual Pro in Figure and Glamour. Four 1st Place; Five 2nd Place; Four 3rd Place placings.
Favourite Muscle Groups: Triceps and Biceps
Favourite Cheat Meal: Lasagna
University: St. Mary’s University and Canadian Beauty College
Major: Bachelor of Science (Biology) and Medical Aesthetician(Cum Laude)
Facebook: Kimberly Fry
Instagram: RoyalbyKimberly

Kimberly Fry competing as a Glamour PRO at the 2016 UFE World Championships

Kimberly Fry competing as a Glamour PRO at the 2016 UFE World Championships

Timothy Rigby, M.A., NCSA-CPT is a freelance writer and one of Canada’s most published fitness writers.

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