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by UFEHQ on June 17, 2019

Let it not be understated that the potential to reach exceptional athlete status is not reserved for a certain few individuals.   The Pro and Elite level athletes you observe achieving competitive success consistently were not born with some great physical advantage that’s unavailable to everyone else.   UFE encourages all Novice and Open level athletes to keep in mind that any aspiring athlete who takes command of their potential, and maintains focus and discipline, could one day be featured in their own right.   Truly, one need not be a star sports athlete from their youth, nor do they need be fanatical about the gym prior to preparing for a UFE competition.

The journey to greatness sometimes takes time, but in many cases athletes have climbed the mountain of success to reach the pinnacle in a matter of only a couple of years.   Either way, no matter who you are or where you come from, it all begins with a single step.   Let’s take a look at Julie’s journey, from first step to winning a World Championship:

UFE PRO’s are not necessarily more gifted genetically than the rest of us.  Rather they have mastered training and nutrition protocols and have learned from or continue to work with a contest prep coach.

If you’re looking for resources to get you contest ready, UFE gives everyone the opportunity to get access to our very best PRO athletes’ training and nutrition programs or even personalized online coaching.

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Julie Adamson and UFE are a magnificent match.  From teaching dance at a young age to law enforcement as an adult, Julie has always been an achiever who thrives on fulfilling her potential and making the most out of her life.  As such, she’s an excellent example of the outstanding personal qualities you’ll find among UFE athletes and is a great role model for aspiring athletes to observe.

Having previously competed in a different fitness organization, Julie is well-familiar with all the elements of competition that are simply better with UFE.  She has nothing but great things to say about the all-natural fitness organization with whom she’s been competing for the last six years.  With her sights focused on returning to the World Championships again this year, there’s just no slowing her down.

Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE):  Can you tell us a little about your background growing up, as it relates to fitness?

Julie Adamson (JA):  I was a competitive dancer growing up and was an accredited dance instructor in jazz and tap.  That took up so much of my time.  Due to being a competitive dancer, I was not allowed to compete in any sports for the fear of getting injured.  I was allowed to join our cheerleading team which I loved.  I was in fantastic shape my whole life and then began to train at the age of 17 to become a police officer.  I was subsequently hired as a police cadet at the age of 18, right out of high school.  I am currently a Police Sergeant and have been an officer for 27 years.

UFE:  What was the eventual driving force behind your decision to commit to fitness competition?

JA:  In 2013, I was turning 40 years old and wanted to be in the best shape of my life to make the big 4-0 easier.  I joined Team Laus since I knew Nichelle Laus as we were police officers together and I hired her to be my coach.  I competed in my first show five months later and I was hooked!

UFE:  What have you found to be the keys to your success, and how would an aspiring athlete follow in your steps?

JA:  For me, I need to set goals.  That’s why competing is perfect for me.  My prep for a show gives me the structure and goal-setting that I need to be successful.  The best advice I can give is get a good coach, trust your coach and trust the process.

UFE:  What are the most significant challenges you faced / still face and how to you go about handling them?

JA:  I’m a police officer so finding the balance between shift work and the prep life can be difficult.  However, where there is a will there is a way.  You have to decide how badly you want it.  Whenever I’d be exhausted after a night shift of 12 hours, I would remember how amazing that feeling is when you get on stage after all the hard work you’ve put in.  Best feeling ever!

“Knowing that my competition is myself keeps me motivated to beat my last show’s look on stage.”
– Julie Adamson, UFE Double Pro

UFE:  In your opinion, what do you find to be some of the most effective training protocols when you’re trying to really amplify your gains?

JA:  I enjoy doing supersets as I am so busy with work.  I like to get into the gym, give 150 per cent, and then go in to start or get back to work.   I find supersets help me maximize both my time and results.   I also enjoy high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts as I find my body responds so well to HIIT.  I like being able to do HIIT on different cardio machines along with conditioning workouts.

UFE:  How do you manage to keep motivated, having been so successful already?

JA:  This is a sport they there is always room for improvement, and you are never “done” as far as sculpting your physique.  Knowing that my competition is myself keeps me motivated to beat my last show’s look on stage.  My motivation right now is my 22 year-old son who is away at Bootcamp for the U.S Marine Corps.  I know my son is giving every ounce of strength to his training, which inspires me to push myself further.

UFE:  What are your future plans, both in terms of competing yourself and possibly the training work you might do with others?

JA:  I’m already registered for the 2019 UFE World Championships in November for Pro Bikini and Pro Glamour.  I’ll begin my prep at the beginning of July.  I’m super pumped.

UFE:  What makes UFE unique and why did you choose it as your competition platform?

JA:  I had competed in another fitness organization before UFE, but I can say with all sincerity that UFE is by far the best organization out there.  UFE is a family without a doubt.  UFE cares about every single one of their athletes, regardless of category or competitive level.  UFE loves their athletes.  The shows are run by so many wonderful, caring people who are happy to be there and they encourage all athletes to make their big day one they won’t forget.  Sean and Ana Everingham make it a point to stay connected with all the athletes and make them feel welcome; they do so much for their UFE family which is why it’s growing so fast.  I’m a proud UFE Double Pro and look forward to many more years on the UFE stage.

Age:  45
Birthplace:  Toronto, Ontario
Residence:  Whitby, Ontario
Height:  5 foot 5
Weight (Competition):  129 pounds
Weight (Off-Season):  145 pounds
Years Competing:  6
Status:  UFE Dual Pro (Bikini and Glamour)
Significant Placings / Titles Held:  2018 World Championships – Glamour 1st Place; 2016 UFE Showdown – Won Bikini Pro Card
Favourite Muscle Group:  Back
Favourite Cheat Meal:  Burger and fries
College or University:  Police College
Facebook Page: Julie Christine UFE Pro
Instagram Page: @glitterfly22

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