Couple Discount

They say that couples who lift together, stay together. Share the challenge and exhilaration that competing in a UFE event provides and register together to save 25% off your entry! And here’s a little secret, the registration system doesn’t know whether you’re really a couple or not so you could be brothers, sisters, cousins, friends or even father/son and the discount still applies when 2 people take the challenge to compete together.

To take advantage of this discount, register for any UFE event. When you complete the online registration and are on the “Review Order” page, click the “Add Person” button to add the next person.  Once 2 people have registered at once, the discount will automatically be applied to each person.  Note that payment must be completed by one person, but registration totals for each person will be given.

Get together and…
ufeshows2015Couple Discount