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by UFEHQ on March 10, 2019


Last month in this section of the Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE) website, we profiled Dual Pro Kimberly Fry (Figure and Glamour).  This month, we give the men a turn and take a look at the journey of Adam Wilks, UFE PRO Bodybuilder, originally from Montreal and now residing in St. Thomas, Ontario.  The Pro level is UFE’s highest competition level, with the other three being Novice, Open and Elite.  In this way, UFE offers a unique tier level system in order to accommodate competitors of all abilities and experience levels.  The long and short of it is, if you want to compete, there will always be room for you at UFE.

Over the course of this section’s profiles of athletes who’ve achieved the pinnacle of success in natural fitness, you’ll read how many of today’s Pro level athletes started out as Novice competitors themselves.  As they built their career through participating in numerous competitions, whether in Bodybuilding, Physique, Classic Physique, Figure, Fitness Model, Bikini or Glamour, they ultimately fulfilled their dreams of hitting that highest echelon of fitness.  In this way, any aspiring competitor – and let’s not exclude you – can also live out the dream; all you have to do is take that first step.  At the end of your journey, you may see yourself being featured here, with the prestigious “UFE PRO” moniker attached to your name.

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Adam’s journey to Pro status, along with his impressive victories, is certainly a unique and compelling story.  But the impetus for his initial foray into competitive fitness is not unique.  In his younger days, Adam was active and athletic, but the work requirements and additional responsibilities of adulthood gradually eroded his fitness level.  Determined to get back to his roots of being in excellent shape, Adam turned to UFE and re-claimed a very big and important part of his life.

Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE):  Can you tell us a little about your background growing up, as it relates to fitness?

Adam Wilks (AW):  Growing up on the West island of Montreal, I was always very active in sports, particularly hockey, skiing, soccer, baseball and tennis.  If it wasn’t organized sports, we were outside on community rinks, parks, or streets playing something.

UFE:  What was the eventual driving force(s) behind your decision to commit to fitness competition?

AW:  As I reached early adulthood, my life became very sedentary.  Between work and family life, the pounds started to pack on.  So I began exercising again, at home first, and then I moved on to the gym life.  That’s where I met a fellow Lightweight UFE competitor.  It was the next logical step for me to enter a UFE competition, after competing in a few “non-organized” physique competitions.  I found something I really enjoyed.

UFE:  What have you found to be the keys to your success, and how would an aspiring athlete follow in your steps?

AW:  Consistency has become my mantra.  If this is something that you really enjoy and want to pursue, you have to find a way to stay consistent and compliant.  Focus on the things you enjoy in both diet and exercise; these things certainly go a long way to hitting that goal.

UFE:  What are the most significant challenges you faced / still face and how to you go about handling them?

AW:  The biggest challenge for me will always be size (or mass, as it were).  Overcoming my genetic potential is always at the forefront of my mind.  So I stay focused on the task at hand.  I read what I can, and experiment with volume/frequency/intensity in my training to find ways to push myself further.  When it comes to competition time, my main focus is conditioning, symmetry and presentation; these things I can control to the best of my abilities.

“ When it comes to competition time, my main focus is conditioning, symmetry and presentation.

– Adam Wilks, UFE Pro Bodybuilder

UFE:  In your opinion, what do you find to be some of the most effective training protocols when you’re trying to really amplify your gains?

AW:  I don’t feel there is a marked advantage to using just any one protocol.  I like to vary mine every so often.  This keeps me engaged and excited to be in the gym.  I like bro splits, quad sets, four-day splits, specializing on muscle groups…  you name it.

UFE:  What are the key advantages of adopting a clean diet and healthy nutrition as adjuncts to your training regimen?

AW:  I don’t subscribe to the “clean eating” approach.  I look at overall caloric load and fit in the foods that I enjoy.  Certainly in a deficit, whole foods lead to higher volume and greater satiety – but I make sure I get in those treats too.  When it comes down to it, compliancy to a good diet is better than cheating on a great diet.

UFE:  How do you manage to keep motivated, having been so successful already?

AW:  I love this sport!  I love being in the gym and I love being around like-minded individuals.  I find that it pushes me to places I haven’t been to.  I find that once you are “successful”, it’s hard to let that go.  That’s where dedication begins to take over.

UFE:  What are your future plans, both in terms of competing yourself and possibly the training work you might do with others?

AW:  Absolutely, I have some active plans!  I will hit the stage for the UFE World Championships, then perhaps skip across the pond to visit the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding Association (ANB) for a competition.  I’m also planning to become certified to train others.  It certainly is a passion of mine to share this healthy lifestyle.  I’d really like to see more men get back to natural events and organizations like the UFE; hopefully I can be a small or large part of that.

UFE:  What makes UFE unique and why did you choose it as your competition platform?

AW:  The focus on the athletes, and the dedication to natural fitness.  UFE doesn’t just feel like a family, it IS a family.  The organization cares about us and they want us to succeed.  They want us to be the best versions of ourselves, naturally and with the focus on health and longevity.  The events are fun and exciting and the backstage area is always filled with excitement and laughter.  The camaraderie between the athletes is truly second-to-none.  I am honoured to represent UFE as a Pro natural athlete.  I always will be.


Age:  43
Birthplace:  Montreal, Quebec
Residence:  St. Thomas, Ontario
Height:  5 foot 4
Weight (Competition):  116 pounds
Weight (Off-Season):  Currently 125 pounds
Years Competing:  4.5 years
Significant Placings / Titles Held:  Pro Card win, June 2018 in London, ON.  Pro debut at UFE World Championships, November 2018 in Toronto.
Favourite Muscle Groups:  Back and legs
Favourite Cheat Meal:  Sushi, southern BBQ, gourmet burgers, desserts
College or University:  McGill University; University of Windsor
Major:  Anatomy and Cellular Biology
Facebook Page:  adam.wilks.923
Instagram Page:  @ada

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