UFE Mayhem 2011

HUGE…EXCITING…EMOTIONAL…FUN…ELECTRIC are just some of the adjectives that could be used to describe UFE’s 5th anniversary edition of UFE Halloween Mayhem. Among our Open shows, the calibre was the best yet; the athletes were a class act group and all brought their very best to the stage! UFE is very proud to have welcomed such an amazing group of competitors and the packed audience of nearly 1000 for the finals alone agreed by way of their cheers and applause.

There were a few stories of the night. In general we could say that the calibre of the whole group of competitors left people in amazement. As I walked through the audience myself, I was getting stopped by people telling me that the show and THE COMPETITORS looked incredible. One story that stood out in my mind was that age really is just a number. This statement has almost become cliche, yet when it comes down to it, you almost always hear people say stuff like, “I’m not 20 anymore” or “I can’t do what I used to 15 years ago” or “How can I compete with those 20-somethings.” Well, 51 year old Sue Haslam and 61 year old Irma Schouten proved yet another excuse for not getting fit or performing at a high level wrong! Sue Haslam not only won the Masters Fitness Model division and the Masters Figure division, she also WON the Open Fitness Model division against some HOT competitors as young as 20 and came 2nd in Open Figure!!!! Sue showed that at 50+ years old, a woman can demonstrate refined, mature, classy sex appeal, charisma and amazing presentation combined with a physique that will match a 20 or 30 year old any day of the week. Irma Schouten at 61 years old beat out a competitor 30 years her junior to take the Heavyweight Bodybuilding division and held her own against a very strong 33 year old competitor in the overall. Some of Irma’s training was documented on Facebook and YouTube and only the word INTENSE could be used to describe her training that ranged from nearly 300 pound full range leg presses to 1 mile interval sprints…training that would leave most people on the ground. The message I would like people of ANY AGE to take from this is that, through the power of a disciplined mind, perserverance and a NO EXCUSE attitude, you can accomplish anything.

We would like to also congratulate those competitors who qualified for UFE’s Elite division and especially those who were able to finish at the top of an amazing group to earn their PRO eligibility with UFE including Sue Haslam, Nick McNaught, Nicola Elia, Brittany Pelz and Julia Rolfe. These people will have the chance to compete on “The Grandest Stage of them All!” at the UFE North American Championships on November 12th back in Hamilton (click HERE for more information about UFE’s tier system).

Those who didn’t qualify still reached an amazing goal of making it to the competition stage and in keeping with the goal of the sport which is continual self improvement, we expect all of you to come back better than ever next time and take your spot among UFE’s Elite!

With that said, we are happy to give you the results of this incredible event!



Bikini Winner

1st – Brittany Pelz
2nd – Kelly Arajcar
3rd – Aurelia Grigore
4th – Jenn Brown
5th – Tiziana Temple
6th – Jessica Webb
7th – Erica Willick
8th – Jessica Defrancesco
9th – Sarah Milek
10th – Jenn Krass
11th – Agnes Talaj
12th – Lindsay Delaney
13th – Gule Sheikh
14th – Crystal Vermeer
15th – Carissa Beck
16th – Lacey Cooper
17th – Isabelle Dion
18th – Amanda Gazzola
19th – Michelle Dunn
20th – Katt Kavanaugh
21st – Angela Gunn
22nd – Krista Giovanditto
23rd – Tanya Cummings
24th – Jessica Curtis
25th – Alexandria Karakis
26th – Vanessa Simonetta

Bikini Top 3


Bikini Masters Winner

1st – Kelly Arajcar
2nd – Jill Souliere
3rd – Tiziana Temple
4th – Jackie Hammond
5th – Gule Sheikh
6th – Heidi Johnson
7th – Sabrina Reid
8th – Suzie Robichaud
9th – Joanne Newman

Bikini Masters Top 3



Figure Winner

1st – Julia Rolfe
2nd – Sue Haslam
3rd – Mandi Zeni
4th – Tania Aiello
5th – Jennelle Evans
6th – Sarah Breker
7th – Carissa Beck
8th – Kelly Caley
9th – Christina Nowak
10th – Melissa Tomasevic
11th – Emilee Tytler
12th – Sara Higginbottom
13th – Linn Falk
14th – Marlene Ryan

Figure Top 3

Masters 35

Figure Masters 35 Winner

1st – Sue Haslam
2nd – Mandi Zeni
3rd – Kelly Caley
4th – Marlene Ryan
5th – Joanne Newman

Figure Masters 35 Top 3

Masters 45

Figure Masters 45 Top 2

1st – Sandra McLeod
2nd – Helen Petras


Male Fitness Model Winner

1st – Nick McNaught
2nd – Corey Swiergosz
3rd – Steven Forlini
4th – Rico Martin
5th – Jason Culley
6th – Dave Hulshof
7th – Samuel Shimi
8th – Joven Parcon
9th – Jonathan Lecuyer
10th – Ryan Cote
11th – Harold Hamilton
12th – Wahid Rahmaty
13th – Adam Russell
14th – Tyler Zegil
15th – Dave Avery
16th – Phil Perez
17th – Hugo Moniz
18th – Gary Thompson
19th – Jay Zuccato
20th – John Alldis
21st – Dwayne Secord
22nd – Mitch Crispe

Male Fitness Model Top 3



Female Fitness Model Winner

1st – Sue Haslam
2nd – Julia Rolfe
3rd – Keya Osborne
4th – Erica Willick
5th – Lindsay Delaney
6th – Melissa Baldassarre
7th – Agnes Talaj
8th – Sarah Milek
9th – Kelsey Biddiscombe
10th – Amanda Gazzola
11th – Emilee Tytler
12th – Carissa Beck
13th – Jenn Anderson
14th – Isabelle Dion
15th – Krista Giovanditto
16th – Angela Gunn
17th – Teresa Denicolo
18th – Tanya Cummings

Female Fitness Model Top 3


Female Fitness Model Masters Winner

1st – Sue Haslam
2nd – Jill Souliere
3rd – Keya Osborne
4th – Helen Petras
5th – Angie Delisle
6th – Sabrina Reid
7th – Alexia MacLeod
8th – Marlene Ryan

Female Fitness Model Masters Top 3



Fitness Open Winner

1st – Kelsey Biddiscombe
2nd – Jenn Anderson


Fitness Junior Winner

1st – Mady Carter



Women's Bodybuilding Overall Winner

1st – Isabelle Marois **OVERALL WINNER
2nd – Allyson Stuckless

Womens' Bodybuilding LW Top 2


Womens' Bodybuilding HW Top 2

1st – Irma Schouten
2nd – Jynelle Bourne


Womens' Bodybuilding GM Winner

1st – Irma Schouten



Bodybuilding LW Top 3

1st – Blake Carere
2nd – Joven Parcon
3rd – Rob Tully
4th – Mike Van Berlo
5th – Michael Bvlgari


Bodybuilding MW Top 3

1st – Nick Twum
2nd – Kainoa Heseltine-Nutch
3rd – Mike Lamble
4th – Royston Thompson
5th – Alex Belleau
6th – Jesse Aubin


Bodybuilding Overall Winner

1st – Nicola Elia **OVERALL WINNER
2nd – Harold Hamilton

Bodybuilding LHW Top 2


Bodybuilding HW Top 3

1st – Scott McIntyre
2nd – Winston Rose
3rd – Mohammad Babar-Khan


Bodybuilding Junior Top 2

1st – Blake Carere
2nd – Wahid Rahmaty


Bodybuilding Masters Top 3

1st – Tony Muto
2nd – Mike Lamble
3rd – Winston Rose


Bodybuilding SGM Winner

1st – Alec Dewdney

And our best costume winner, taking home $500 CASH…Alexia MacLeod!

Best Costume Winner