UFE Announces Womens’ Bodybuilding to be Eliminated After 2011. Womens’ Physique to Begin in 2012!

(June 9, 2011)
Sadly, UFE has been seeing declining interest in the Women’s Bodybuilding category at our shows. While some women have been vocal about keeping bodybuilding in the organization, most of these same women have not supported the division despite UFE being one of the last natural organizations in Canada to hang onto the category. UFE Spring Bash, despite being a HUGE show only yielded 2 female bodybuilders while UFE Chaos only saw one female competitor and she was disqualified after testing positive for winstrol.

With that said, UFE will be eliminating Women’s Bodybuilding at the end of the 2011 contest season leaving UFE Showdown on June 25th, UFE Havoc on September 10th and UFE Halloween Mayhem on October 22nd as the final opportunities for natural female bodybuilders to compete in this category.

In it’s place, UFE will be introducing the Women’s Physique category in 2012. The Women’s Physique category is very similar to the original Figure Routine category that UFE introduced upon our inception in 2007 before replacing it with the standard Figure category you see today.

It is our belief that more and more women, especially natural women, want to be more feminine and find that bodybuilding conjures up images of being “too big” or “manly” or “butch” even though these images are not relevant to natural female bodybuilding and are associated with women who use steroids containing male hormones. However, this perception seems to have taken a stranglehold on the Women’s Bodybuilding category. The Women’s Physique category will thus allow women to pose and perform posing routines while maintaining “beauty” and “femininity.” Women will come onto stage and perform a 3 point walk, executing 1-2 “freestyle” poses at each point. They will then do quarter turns as a group, similar to Figure, and will then perform 5 select poses with open hands. Their final portion of scoring will come from a posing routine which will give each woman up to 90 seconds to display their physique in a creative way that highlights their strengths. The physique judges will be looking for will be lean and toned with good musculature. It could be very similar to a Figure competitor, but there is room to be even more lean if a competitor feels that suits them. Judges will not be looking for women to be big or striated or vascular. More details about this routine will be made available soon.

We hope that the addition of this category will inspire more women to compete by giving them yet another outlet of competition. We hope it will give women an opportunity to express their creativity in a type of routine that doesn’t require a specialized background in dance or gymanstics or acro. We have named the category “Womens’ Physique” to stay in line with an industry standard that has been set recently with the introduction of this category by the NPC in the US. This avoids any confusion for those women who cross over between organizations or decide to swich organizations.

We look forward to providing more details about this category soon and including a detailed breakdown of it on our website.