Upcoming UFE Shows

UFE Capital Chaos

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
September 13, 2014

UFE Havoc

Detroit, Michigan, USA
September 13, 2014

UFE European Championships

Birmingham, UK
September 27, 2014


UFE No Mercy

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
October 4, 2014

UFE Halloween Mayhem

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
October 25, 2014


UFE World Championships

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 9, 2014

2014 Corporate Sponsors

Keeping Up With UFE!

Stephanie Morrissey, Cover Girl! Stephanie Morrissey, Cover Girl!

(August 4, 2014) UFE is one of only a few organizations that features the Fitness Model category and, unlike many of the other organizations that have it, we take seriously the intention of the category which is to find the next industry star to appear in magazines, ad campaigns and more. Stephanie Morrissey is our PRO Fitness Model Champion and, since... [Read more of this story]

Louise Winders, the Next Industry Star! Louise Winders, the Next Industry Star!

(August 4, 2014) Just when UFE PRO Bikini competitor, Louise Winders though she was reaching the twilight of her competition career, things have taken off for her as of late! Louise was picked up as a sponsored athlete by Perfect Nutrition after she was selected by UFE to be shot for one of our stage banners by Perfect Nutrition CEO, Bruce Colero.... [Read more of this story]

Height Classes to be Introduced in Figure, Fitness Model and Bikini at UFE Halloween Mayhem

(July 4, 2014) Since its inception, UFE has held off on introducing height classes. The thinking was that we are simply looking to qualify the top people on to the next level, regardless of height. However, in keeping with the vision of UFE being an organization listens to its competitors, we heard the many women who wanted to see height classes introduced... [Read more of this story]

An Eye Opening Rant from UFE’s President

(June 10, 2014) Not so long ago, it seemed that all of the organizations pretty much got along in Ontario. Across North America, the IFBB affiliated organizations and pretty much every organization like to pump themselves up and promote themselves as the best in some regard. That’s great and that’s what marketing is all about. But over the... [Read more of this story]

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